~ I'll only post thingies I made myself over here... or else, will mention who did of course! ~


dinsdag, februari 28, 2006


Morning, Midday and Afternoon... Yep! I’m feeling very philosophical again. Dawn’s mother is still in labor (not a pretty sight) and Evening died premature... also couldn’t show Night, because Evening was cremated.

maandag, februari 27, 2006

For those who wondered...

The reason for that 11 day gap was because of this.

My aunt and (french) uncle

I'm the shadow on the right...

...and yes! I accidentally survived the whole thing in one piece. These pictures where made with my mobile phone (a black RAZR) for those who wanted to know.

zondag, februari 26, 2006

Rrrrrr round Missy

Just flexing my round side...

Sad squared Missy

Just flexing my square side...

donderdag, februari 16, 2006


"Okay! This was definitely the last time I played a living statue... like ever!"

dinsdag, februari 14, 2006

IF: Simple (Toilet icons)

This government building from a nearby town I spoke of earlier needed some new department and section illustrations. Three of them were for their restrooms... so they were "simple" enough.

maandag, februari 13, 2006

Puss in Boots...

In Holland/Belgium we have a (closed) forum specific for comic creators and animators (as there are no doubt more of, around the globe...) So because all the members are artists themselves we can safely show our (new) work to each other and get "reel" feedback from colleagues... instead of all these people telling that the work is bad or good, only because they think so! You know them better as (self acclaimed) critics and comic journalists...

Well... a while back, there was this colleague who was asked to make a short Flash movie, telling the story of "Puss in Boots" and showed the designs of his Puss to us... Good colleagues as we are, we then show some of our suggestions.

I thought this here was a funny new take on how (my) Puss would walk around on those BIG boots...

zondag, februari 12, 2006


(...see my entry of October 17, 2005)

zaterdag, februari 11, 2006

Phone doodles (2)

Working with Barks Ducks all day at work, tends to make you do something completely different when your on say... the phone.

I used the Pentel Brush Pen again.

vrijdag, februari 10, 2006

Soap bubble

These were some tests for yet another animated short I worked on called "Shadows".


This was the first one I did, but the shape of the bubble itself moved to much (...which I thought was kinda okay.)




For the sake of the picture we had to make the bubble less "alive" ...so I did.

donderdag, februari 09, 2006

...scribble dee ay

woensdag, februari 08, 2006

Thumbnail animation

Today I was organizing my desk a little (again) and found a piece of paper, on which I had scribbled some thumbnails next to each other. I like to work this way... first suggesting the ruff motion before I go deeper into it.

Most of the time I just keep the thumbs to myself and skip the testing part until I have something more. But after scanning this I liked it enough to post on my blog.

dinsdag, februari 07, 2006

Scribble dee doo dah...

maandag, februari 06, 2006

Push my button

Mmmm, I am beginning to get the hang of this "other thingies" stuff on my blog...

zondag, februari 05, 2006

Nice little trick (1)

I want to use this site also to test allsorts of other thingies (hence the blog title) and get the most out of cyberspace...

I already know how to post pictures and make links to other sites, but there is so much more you can do with it of course... and that’s what I’m intent to find out. Yes! I too want to become a self-sufficient cybernaut!


...pictures as well, see!

I’m not quite sure what to do with this here new acquired knowledge, but I know now that I can use it. And that's all I want for now anyway.

zaterdag, februari 04, 2006

Another animation (test)

(...see also my entry of January 08, 2006)

Showing animation (or any type of motion) on this blog can only be done with animated gif's I discovered. The video-upload sites I know, don’t allow hot-linking direct to my posts... but redirect you to there pages full of advertisements. If you know a better way which doesn’t evolve this... please let me know how!!! It will have to do for now though. A simple animated gif file is great, don’t get me wrong (see header), but if you animate on 25 frames a second -using doubles as well as singles- the rendered gif’s timing sucks big time... especially on slow computers.

This is a small animation test I did for the upcoming new short of Arjan Wilschut, tested with a computer program called Ernest Le Linetest... I think this program is great, but it can be a wee bit unstable on some systems. And -as you can see- in this pencil test, the animation moves slower then it should be... so you’ll still have to us some of your own imagination.

vrijdag, februari 03, 2006

City logo illustrations

Now and again (years may pass) I’m asked to make some illustrations for these city officials of a nearby town.

It started a couple of years back when I worked in a little shop run by several people, each supervising a different segment of the shop. There was a store part which sold the handmade clothes and woodwork made by the other two segments. And then there was a day-care part were parents -who wanted to shop in the city- could leave there kids...

The one whom supervised the woodwork part also worked as a DTP’er. It’s through her that comes these requests of making illustrations for the city. There stationery shows the city logo -a unicorn and a shield- and it was the only picture they could use. But they wanted more drawings for several of there departments... and you know how it is with civil departments right? There a bit boring and uninteresting or incomprehensible most of the time. So most of the illustrations are only interesting for the civil servants in such departments... these two I still like best, because... eh... well you can still see what the unicorn (horse) is doing.

stationery logo designed by someone I don't know

There was only this stationery logo, picture (whatever) from which I had to redesign the character. I couldn’t draw the unicorn in the same style, I’m not that good! And besides I already had a hard time as it was, letting a horse take on all these human poses. I mean the thing has no hands!!!

Nowadays they only want this (style) design... At present I would have done it very differently if I could, but I can’t, so it’s always very hard when they want some new material... and I just got the request for 21 new ones!