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maandag, mei 29, 2006

The (Dream) Line

The last time I made a "real" comic strip was in february 1997. I never was one for long stories (tried it once when I was 8, but stopped after page 11 or 12 for some reason) in those times I mostly did one page gags (and they were terrible). Anyways, awhile back I was asked to make something for a new periodic Dutch comic magazine (small press) where artist can experiment in… as long as the stories were on theme for that issue and you made your artwork as traditionally as possible (meaning: only use pen and ink to make the artwork... no computer.) This issues theme was DREAMS... and I made a 3 page story about a narcoleptic (sleeping disorder) bum who has a number in his head. This weekend the magazine can be bought at the comic convention in Haarlem or via The digital line no doubt.

Here’s the end of page one in several stages.

Sketch 1:

My good buddy Maarten made some suggestions, which I then used of course.

Sketch 2:



donderdag, mei 04, 2006

Woman are aliens

Sorry for the long absence... Last month I had some unpleasant things on my mind, but lately I’m just a bit busy. I’ll be back soon, though! For now a quick warning to all you men…