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maandag, maart 27, 2006

Video test

Just testing some stuff you've already seen as an animated gif...

zondag, maart 26, 2006

Duck cinema (3)

Here's a sneak preview of a roll-over animation. You'll just have to imagine a good old fashion "KA-TSJHING" sound effect if her arm goes up.

The Duck cinema webpage

vrijdag, maart 24, 2006

Mr Mopjes...

When I made the Gyro Gearloose joke robot for our Donald Duck site... I had no time to let him move when you do nothing (so that it’s not to boring to watch.) Luckily the people who made the whole thing interactive did… they made him wiggly wobbly a bit. Personally I didn’t like that everything moved separately... 'cause the rest of my animation didn’t also. A well! better luck next time.

I would have done something like this myself... but then with some eye blinking now and again.

donderdag, maart 23, 2006

Duck cinema (2)

In a little while I’ll be able to link towards the finished web-page... where you then can roll your mouse over different objects in this picture, and see them animate.

The meaning is, that when you click on a film poster you’ll link to the inside, where you can watch the trailers and extra info on a movie screen. When you do, you’ll first see a short animation of the curtains opening and the lights dimming. I thought this would aid to a more realistic movie going feel.

Sorry folks, but the animated gif is to big to post for some reason...

maandag, maart 20, 2006

Duck cinema (1)

For our website I was asked to come up with (and make) an interactive cinema, where kids can watch trailers and other relevant content ‘bout (family) movies. This is a screenshot of my first attempt...

maandag, maart 13, 2006

welcome to the Showbiz...

A couple of years back the (somewhat gullible) students of the CartoonSchool (a comic and animation school in Holland) were asked to come up with a character for this dinner and entertainment concern called Showbiz City... and alas! I was one of them. Thank the stars it never became a success and that they used any of the characters, because nobody knew anything ‘bout copyrights, royalties and so on. I’m sure the student whose character would have been picked out, would also never have seen one cent (nickel, yen etc.)

I'm almost ashamed to post this by the way...

donderdag, maart 09, 2006


I’m not one of those people who experiments a lot with different materials... I should (personal growth being one of the reason of course), but always fall back on the same old stuff. Since kindergarten I haven’t used chalk for example... until now that is.

dinsdag, maart 07, 2006

City logo illustrations (part 4)

WELL!!! I'm done with the illustrations for the city officials. Some I do like, but as I said; "They’re only understandable if you know those departments... so!"

This here was the last one I did and had to be about "youth" (that was all I had to go on really) so I thought; "Jantoedeloedoki" and did it kinda different than the rest... more my own thing (but still in that style of course.)

maandag, maart 06, 2006

And now for something completely irrelevant...

This here is the piece of paper I used to "turn" the hairs of the below brush into a fine and sharp point (during the inking of this cartoon.)

...and this is the piece of toilet paper I used to dry the brush (after washing it in water when I paused/was finished inking it.)

Bye the way... this was one of those rare cartoons I didn’t need to use any white paint to "fix" little inking mistakes.

zondag, maart 05, 2006

Brown Col-erase

When I scribble a character for the first time (and like) I always draw it in several gestures, facial expressions or poses, depending on how I think she/he or it moves and what I want to do with it later. From then on I have a hard(er) time drawing that character with a different kind of pencil... Don’t know if this is normal (I guess not, but what the he..)

donderdag, maart 02, 2006

City logo illustrations (part 3)

(...also see my entries of February 03 and 14, 2006)

One of the illustrations in this series had to be "Unicorn in Rodin’s The Thinker pose"

...hope I did it just.