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vrijdag, februari 03, 2006

City logo illustrations

Now and again (years may pass) I’m asked to make some illustrations for these city officials of a nearby town.

It started a couple of years back when I worked in a little shop run by several people, each supervising a different segment of the shop. There was a store part which sold the handmade clothes and woodwork made by the other two segments. And then there was a day-care part were parents -who wanted to shop in the city- could leave there kids...

The one whom supervised the woodwork part also worked as a DTP’er. It’s through her that comes these requests of making illustrations for the city. There stationery shows the city logo -a unicorn and a shield- and it was the only picture they could use. But they wanted more drawings for several of there departments... and you know how it is with civil departments right? There a bit boring and uninteresting or incomprehensible most of the time. So most of the illustrations are only interesting for the civil servants in such departments... these two I still like best, because... eh... well you can still see what the unicorn (horse) is doing.

stationery logo designed by someone I don't know

There was only this stationery logo, picture (whatever) from which I had to redesign the character. I couldn’t draw the unicorn in the same style, I’m not that good! And besides I already had a hard time as it was, letting a horse take on all these human poses. I mean the thing has no hands!!!

Nowadays they only want this (style) design... At present I would have done it very differently if I could, but I can’t, so it’s always very hard when they want some new material... and I just got the request for 21 new ones!