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zondag, januari 08, 2006

Carpentry and how I work

As I am saying in my short bio: I like to do some carpentry now and again... You can make the stuff you need the way you like it. I'm a very spoiled artist and need a tilted drawing table with a light-box to work properly, so I made it myself (you can’t get these kind of animation desks in an IKEA now can you?) And because there were some big pieces of MDF (wood) to spare -whilst primarily making the desk and drawing table- I made a computer table too.

...still want to incorporate my Wacom tablet in the surface of that second table though! so that it isn’t in the way that much. I also made two loose work surfaces for my drawing table... which I can lay on top of the light-box, depending on what I have to do.


Yes... drawing is still done traditionally


Still-camera grabbing or scanning


Testing the (ruff) animation and/or colouring


Just for showing of to clients or friends


Blogger heri said...

that's awesome!

08 januari, 2006 10:16  
Blogger John Nevarez said...

Viktor,you've got probably the best, most awesome studio setup I've ever seen!!! I want mine just like yours!

11 januari, 2006 21:56  
Blogger Smook said...

That is one awesome studio space!

14 januari, 2006 02:19  

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