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zondag, maart 05, 2006

Brown Col-erase

When I scribble a character for the first time (and like) I always draw it in several gestures, facial expressions or poses, depending on how I think she/he or it moves and what I want to do with it later. From then on I have a hard(er) time drawing that character with a different kind of pencil... Don’t know if this is normal (I guess not, but what the he..)


Blogger Maarten Janssens said...

I wonder what her name is, where she lives, if she likes Adidas as much as I do and if she has a boyfriend allready...

Keep 'm coming Viktor!

05 maart, 2006 12:12  
Blogger Wout Paulussen said...

Can we see her from the side? Why is half her head covered with hair? Is she shy? Or do you just like daughter Incredibel? ;-)
Did you know Maarten an I once had an idea that looked like this a lot? Cerise she was called and she was a talented young violin-player. Ask him about it.
Love the watermark.

05 maart, 2006 15:44  

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