~ I'll only post thingies I made myself over here... or else, will mention who did of course! ~


woensdag, september 12, 2007

The (Addicted) Line - part 1

Remember this post a while back? Well! I decided to make something new for their upcoming issue. The deadline is very, very soon... so I'll just have time to make one page. The theme is "addiction" and this here is gonna be my main character (...more or less at least, it's only a ruff sketch of course!)

dinsdag, september 04, 2007

"At your service"

I like it when the customer has a clear picture in mind, or at least knows what they want...

"I would like to have a new company logo depicting the earth (green and blue being my company's main colors) and kids from different ethnic groups surrounding it"

- The first go -

(Okay, here we go...)


- Approval of first go -

(but of course with some corrections...)
(Correction: "Could you just give them normal shirts, no flags... and some rounder heads?")

(I thought "Green and blue being the main colors and all... suggesting couldn't hurt")

- Almost right... -

(just a few more corrections)

...I'll post the final version soon I hope, but I think this will be it!


- Final version -

A different graphic designer "tweaked" my illustration a bit and put some text over it. I don't mind 'cause I had fun making it and I got payed for it!

zaterdag, september 01, 2007

Guilty pleasure - Nr. 1

Yes, taking from real life is the best or better way to learn how to draw things or keep that wrist of yours in shape. And it is that I just finished a nude model class with some comic/animation colleagues, (which will hopefully go on and on and on in the near future...) but sometimes I just have to sketch from mind in which I can take all the time I want/need and draw lines that don’t really exist. These then fall in the category "guilty pleasure" of course!!!

So, if you recognise someone -or perhaps yourself- in this drawing... maybe, just maybe you could tell me what she is, or you are doing inside my head!