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dinsdag, september 04, 2007

"At your service"

I like it when the customer has a clear picture in mind, or at least knows what they want...

"I would like to have a new company logo depicting the earth (green and blue being my company's main colors) and kids from different ethnic groups surrounding it"

- The first go -

(Okay, here we go...)


- Approval of first go -

(but of course with some corrections...)
(Correction: "Could you just give them normal shirts, no flags... and some rounder heads?")

(I thought "Green and blue being the main colors and all... suggesting couldn't hurt")

- Almost right... -

(just a few more corrections)

...I'll post the final version soon I hope, but I think this will be it!


- Final version -

A different graphic designer "tweaked" my illustration a bit and put some text over it. I don't mind 'cause I had fun making it and I got payed for it!


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