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zondag, oktober 29, 2006

Andreas Deja Seminar at Cinekid in Holland

This last Friday I was able to go to a real nice seminar with Andreas Deja. One of my favorite (and probably many traditional animators alike) artists at Disney. I recorded the whole 2 hours of audio with my MP3 player/recorder... so if you like you can download the files here. It's good to share!

The whole folder

01 The Beginning

02 Learning from the Nine old Man

03 Rodger Rabbit

04 Different artistic views

05 Losing a good assistant and Casting

06 Voice track analyzing

07 Drawing from own experiences

08 Beauty and the Beast - Influence on Preproduction

09 Aladdin - Influence on Preproduction

10 Marrying you’re crew members

11 Lion King - Getting into Character

12 Mickey Mouse

13 Lion King reel and Walt’s Legacy clip

14 Inspiration and New winds

15 Hercules and Micro Movements

16 Kingdom in the Sun

17 Lilo and Stitch

18 What turns me on

19 Q and A


Anonymous Anoniem said...

Vik,thank you so much for sharing this with us ! Just have downloaded them all ;o)

30 oktober, 2006 23:18  

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