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donderdag, april 22, 2010

Hard Boiled Chicken (full version)

It's been... a while.

Since his first film "Shadows" I've had the opportunity and great pleasure of working on every short film made by Animation Works... a small studio here in Holland run by Arjan Wilschut. His third film "Hard Boiled Chicken is a hard-boiled detective in toon noir style about a rooster who tries to find the thief of the egg that was stolen from his chicken. Soon all traces point towards the farmer. But before the egg can be saved from becoming hard-boiled itself, the rooster and his chicken have to fight the farmer's cat for it...

HBC toured more than 30 festivals worldwide and won a total of 7 international awards:

-3rd prize Best Short Film at Cordoba Animacor Festival, Spain (2006)
-Special International Jury Award at Cairo Filmfestival, Egypt (2007)
-"IJzeren Haring" Best Short at Leids Filmfestival, Holland (2007)
-Best Animation Short at Kyoto Children's Filmfestival, Japan (2008)
-Moviesquad Junior Award at Holland Animation Film festival (2009)
-and two other awards in Bosnia and the USA.

And now... we can all watch it!


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Anonymous Anoniem said...

Vector's back! Looking forward to more thingies. thanks for the post V. Toon Noir ... I like the sound of that.

23 april, 2010 09:14  

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