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zaterdag, februari 04, 2006

Another animation (test)

(...see also my entry of January 08, 2006)

Showing animation (or any type of motion) on this blog can only be done with animated gif's I discovered. The video-upload sites I know, don’t allow hot-linking direct to my posts... but redirect you to there pages full of advertisements. If you know a better way which doesn’t evolve this... please let me know how!!! It will have to do for now though. A simple animated gif file is great, don’t get me wrong (see header), but if you animate on 25 frames a second -using doubles as well as singles- the rendered gif’s timing sucks big time... especially on slow computers.

This is a small animation test I did for the upcoming new short of Arjan Wilschut, tested with a computer program called Ernest Le Linetest... I think this program is great, but it can be a wee bit unstable on some systems. And -as you can see- in this pencil test, the animation moves slower then it should be... so you’ll still have to us some of your own imagination.


Blogger Jeremy said...

If you drewn this work you are a good artist...

03 februari, 2006 19:47  

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