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zaterdag, mei 29, 2010

Gus Goose comic

Made for the so-called reader's page...

Artwork Copyright © Disney

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donderdag, mei 20, 2010

Comics... You can read them everywhere!

- I thought I asked you to throw THIS away! -

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dinsdag, mei 18, 2010

Silly Fruit - Moustache!

- Hee... DIT zijn niet de muisjes die ik besteld had! -

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vrijdag, april 30, 2010

- Get your own villa! -

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donderdag, april 22, 2010

Hard Boiled Chicken (full version)

It's been... a while.

Since his first film "Shadows" I've had the opportunity and great pleasure of working on every short film made by Animation Works... a small studio here in Holland run by Arjan Wilschut. His third film "Hard Boiled Chicken is a hard-boiled detective in toon noir style about a rooster who tries to find the thief of the egg that was stolen from his chicken. Soon all traces point towards the farmer. But before the egg can be saved from becoming hard-boiled itself, the rooster and his chicken have to fight the farmer's cat for it...

HBC toured more than 30 festivals worldwide and won a total of 7 international awards:

-3rd prize Best Short Film at Cordoba Animacor Festival, Spain (2006)
-Special International Jury Award at Cairo Filmfestival, Egypt (2007)
-"IJzeren Haring" Best Short at Leids Filmfestival, Holland (2007)
-Best Animation Short at Kyoto Children's Filmfestival, Japan (2008)
-Moviesquad Junior Award at Holland Animation Film festival (2009)
-and two other awards in Bosnia and the USA.

And now... we can all watch it!


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zondag, oktober 19, 2008

24 Hour Comics Day 2008

I attended my first ever 24 Hour Comics Day this weekend! I wanted to at least try this challenge once. Writing and drawing twenty four comic pages in twenty four hours! Alas, I didn't complete them all, but still got 10 "finished" pages out of it...

Hope you like them!











Although it doesn't count any more I'm still going to finish page 11 and want to put a page between 7 and 8 making the story 12 pages long in total...

Many thanks to the excellent services of comic store Lambiek in Amsterdam for hosting this event.

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vrijdag, juni 06, 2008


For the "fathers day coloring contest" in Donald Duck magazine (number 23 this year) I was asked to make the drawing. I had to use elements from the Canon PIXMA site

maandag, oktober 01, 2007

The (Addicted) Line - part 2

It will take a bit longer for the new issue to be printed, but here are a couple of panels (in different stages) from my contribution. It's a one page comic called ~SOAP OPERA~


It wasn't my intention to color this comic due to time constrictions... so after the deadline I just did it for myself, but unfortunately (though luckily for me) the final printing wasn't done yet when I finished...


Still, only the cover can be printed in color... all the comics inside are gonna have to do with either a black & white or a greyscale printing. It was eventually up to me, so I went for the grayscale version...

woensdag, september 12, 2007

The (Addicted) Line - part 1

Remember this post a while back? Well! I decided to make something new for their upcoming issue. The deadline is very, very soon... so I'll just have time to make one page. The theme is "addiction" and this here is gonna be my main character (...more or less at least, it's only a ruff sketch of course!)

dinsdag, september 04, 2007

"At your service"

I like it when the customer has a clear picture in mind, or at least knows what they want...

"I would like to have a new company logo depicting the earth (green and blue being my company's main colors) and kids from different ethnic groups surrounding it"

- The first go -

(Okay, here we go...)


- Approval of first go -

(but of course with some corrections...)
(Correction: "Could you just give them normal shirts, no flags... and some rounder heads?")

(I thought "Green and blue being the main colors and all... suggesting couldn't hurt")

- Almost right... -

(just a few more corrections)

...I'll post the final version soon I hope, but I think this will be it!


- Final version -

A different graphic designer "tweaked" my illustration a bit and put some text over it. I don't mind 'cause I had fun making it and I got payed for it!

zaterdag, september 01, 2007

Guilty pleasure - Nr. 1

Yes, taking from real life is the best or better way to learn how to draw things or keep that wrist of yours in shape. And it is that I just finished a nude model class with some comic/animation colleagues, (which will hopefully go on and on and on in the near future...) but sometimes I just have to sketch from mind in which I can take all the time I want/need and draw lines that don’t really exist. These then fall in the category "guilty pleasure" of course!!!

So, if you recognise someone -or perhaps yourself- in this drawing... maybe, just maybe you could tell me what she is, or you are doing inside my head!

zondag, februari 18, 2007


From now on I'll be posting some of my work on a new blog together with a whole bunch of other great Dutch and Belgian artists, called:


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dinsdag, oktober 31, 2006

Best Short Film

Great news! The short film Hard Boiled Chicken by Arjan Wilschut (on which I helped with the animation) won the 3rd price at the Animacor Festival in Cordoba, Spain in the category 'Best Short Film'

This Thursday (and Saturday) Hard Boiled Chicken will also be showed at the Holland Animation Film Festifal in Utrecht.

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maandag, oktober 30, 2006

The Digital Party Piggy

Last week our Donald Duck Magazine existed 54 years. For that special occasion I made an animated party piggy you can invite for extra fun on you’re birthday (because non of his family or friends were able to come that day, uncle Donald had to have somebody to invite right?)

The design (and the annoying soundtrack) of the party piggy was made by my colleague Maarten Janssens, I did the animation and almost all the sound effects / voices... the interactivity I did together with another colleague, Bas Schuddeboom.

PS before you can begin your torment on the pig (yes you can!) you must first click on the frame ones...