~ I'll only post thingies I made myself over here... or else, will mention who did of course! ~


zaterdag, augustus 27, 2005

First Post!

Hey ya folks!... My first blog-post is one of a small cartoon I made for a weekly magazine in Holland called "Donald Duck" (it’s quite possible that you’ve heard this particular name somewhere else before...) Primarily, it’s made for the so called reader’s page, in which (mostly) kids write letters to Uncle Donald telling a funny thing or some adventure they’ve experienced recently. One of such letters is then picked out as "the letter of the week" and gets a custom made cartoon by its placing.

Artwork Copyright © Disney

Alas! I'll only post thingies I make myself over here (...or else, will mention who did of course) but for these particular cartoons I didn’t do the final colouring, so...


Anonymous Stefan de Groot said...

Leuk Viktor!

Als ik tijd heb ga ik ook weer bloggen!!!

En nu volhouden!

Elke dag iets nieuws!!!!

28 augustus, 2005 21:58  

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